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LA is located in Los Angeles County. The city is the nation's largest urban area in extent, with approximately 1,200 km ² of buildings. Like the rest of California, Los Angeles increasingly vulnerable to earthquakes. Most earthquakes are minor, but in 1971, 1987 and 1994 were larger earthquakes in the city led to damage of billions.

Los Angeles' large extent and lack of developed public transport means that the city has major pollution problems. All car traffic causes the city suffer from air pollution, the so-called smog.

The problems are especially severe in the San Fernando Valley. Pollution from industry come here in addition to emissions from motor vehicles.

Official figures say that Los Angeles' total area is 290.6 km ² 1, 1 of which 214.9 km ² is land. 5.86% of the city area is water.
Byns highest point is Sister Elsie Peak at about 1500 meters. Sister Elsie Peak is part of the mountain Mt. Lukens, located northeast San Fernando Valley.
Los Angeles River is a river that flows from the San Fernando Valley, through downtown and into the Pacific. Nearly the entire river is loaded tubes.

Los Angeles enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with mild, warm winters and hot, dry summers. Wind from the sea makes Los Angeles somewhat cooler than inland areas.

In summer, temperatures can reach over 32 ° C, and in winter they can get over 19 ° C.

Los Angeles has 325 sunny days a year. It is only in the winter it is expected significant. There are approximately 35-40 mm rainfall per year.
Heat record in Los Angeles was set on 26 June 1990 with 44.4 ° C. Cold Record Set 4 January 1949 to -2.2 ° C.
Popular attractions

  #1 Griffith Park

  #2 Los Angeles Zoo

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