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Papua New Guinea to Indonesia borders the west. Previously, the northern part of the island German colony, while the south was British and later Australian colony.
The climate is tropical, often hot and humid. Since the country is so large and varied, it's hard and give an average temperature but away coast it is usually between 25 and 30 degrees C. In the case of rainfall so as capital an annual rainfall of 100 cm, while the city of Lae has over 450 cm and extreme West New Britain at 600 cm.

It is generally humid from December to March, while the driest from May to October. Trade winds make the climate of the outer atolls comfortable, while it can be very cold in the mountain areas (Highlands).

It is believed today that the islands originally, for about 50,000 years ago, was inhabited by people from Asia - it may then was no sea separating the islands.

The first European to see the islands was the Portuguese navigator Antonio d'Abreu in 1511, but the Portuguese explorer Jorge de Meneses was probably the first European to visit the islands, in the period 1526-1527. He named the islands Ilhas dos Papua, which means "islands to those with curly hair".

Papua New Guinea (PNG) gained autonomy in 1973 and full independence in 1975. Papua New Guinea joined the UN in 1995 and is also a member of the British Commonwealth.

When people hear about Papua New Guinea so many view the cannibals with paint on his face and ringing in the ears and nose. Obviously, this is a picture that does not match reality, although several tribes still can decorate themselves in very picturesque when they celebrate something! Papua New Guinea is such a complex and vast country that it is impossible to give any common cultural image, the different regions and ethnic groups can have completely different culture. Some places have influence from the white been great, while elsewhere they lived quite untouched for thousands of years.

The most special culture can be seen inside the country, "Highlands", for this is where the old traditions and religions live best. Being present in a "sing sing", where one shows their culture, and perhaps the image many pretends itself, here painting goes, dressed traditionally and sins the old songs. Also on many of the outer islands you experienced culture that has survived much of the whites impact, but often have more in common with Polynesian culture.

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