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Republic of Hungary is a landlocked country in Central Europe. It is a plain surrounded by a semicircle of Karpaterfjellene. Border countries are Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro and Slovenia. At the 800-century immigrants magyarske stems west from the present Russia. Some of these settled between the Danube and Tisza. The tribes were united into one kingdom by Stefan In the year 1001. Empire's heyday was in 1300 - and 1400's, and many Germans also settled down here. In the 1500s, the majority of Hungary after the Battle of Mohács occupied by the Ottoman Empire. Meanwhile inherited the house Habsburg Hungarian royal crown, and Hungary was therefore in personal union with Austria.

In the 1600s, the Turks were driven back and the land reclaimed. In 1867 the cooperation between the Empire and the Kingdom Austria Hungary formalized, and the so-called imperial and royal monarchy, or double monarchy Austria-Hungary, arose. The assassination of the Austro-Hungarian throne successor Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo in 1914 led to the outbreak of the First World War, which it lost, which meant that it was disbanded, and Hungary was separated from Austria. After the war, attempted communist Béla only to seize power, but was overthrown by motrevolusjonære forces led by Miklós Horthy with the help of Romanian anti-communists.

Hungary's parliament proclaimed the country as a monarchy, but the exile tease Hungarian king (and Austrian Emperor) never got back the throne, after several attempts, when the victors of the First World War put strong pressure on Hungary to prevent it. Instead, Horthy was appointed to the National Board for an indefinite time. Hungary lost two thirds of its territory after World War I, which still mark the country's political life. Nationalist forces require the lost territories back.

The country participated in World War II on the German side, and after the war was occupied by the Soviet Union as prisoners a puppet regime that ruled the country dictatorially until the Soviet Union collapsed in 1989. A rebellion broke out in 1956, was beaten brutally suppressed by Soviet troops.
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