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Australia is a country in Oceania located south of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. It is the sixth largest country on the basis of surface area, and occupies most of the continent it is part of. On the eastern side of the country is the Pacific Ocean, the western Indian Ocean. Home to more than 21.3 million people in Australia. The name "Australia" is derived from the Latin word Australis, meaning "southern" or "southern".

Australia is the driest inhabited continent, the flattest and has the oldest and least fertile soil. Only the southeastern corner of the continent have a temperate climate, and most of the population lives along the temperate and subtropical coast in the south. The northern part of the country has a tropical climate, and vegetation consisting of rainforest, forest, plains, mangrove swamps, and desert. The climate is strongly influenced by ocean currents, and especially El Niño phenomenon that leads to periodic droughts and tropical low pressure system that creates cyclones in northern Australia.

The world's largest coral reef, the Great Barrier Reef, stretching 2,000 km along the northeast coast. The world's largest monolith, Mount Augustus, is located in Western Australia. The highest point in Australia is Mount Kosciuszko at 2228 meters.
There are few countries where the influence of the outside world has been so strong tracks in Australia, despite the fact that the country probably has the world's oldest cultural history. Cave paintings that are at least 30 000 years old suggests that Aborigines were the world's oldest civilization. Today there are only 380,000 Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders-on, and even though enactment of the 1993 Native Title Act was passed battling Australia's original inhabitants today for their identity and their livelihoods.

The original culture is as good as dead, because of the influence of European immigrants and the English rule, only slangord and twists have been taken.

Sport and outdoor activities are now very popular in Australia by having a climate that makes one going out the year. They also reflect the cultural food culture many folded country has been given by the different cultures brought by immigrants from different parts of the world.
Popular Destinations

  #1  Perth
  #2  Sydney

  #3  Gold Coast
  #4  Melbourne

  #5  Brisbane
  #6  Hobart

  #7  Devonport
  #8  Launceston

  #9  Burnie
  #10  Geeveston

  #11  Toowoomba
  #12  Mandurah

  #13  St Kilda
  #14  Palm Cove

  #15  Townsville
  #16  Sunshine Coast

  #17  Gladstone
  #18  Alice Springs

  #19  Canberra
  #20  Rockhampton

  #21  Bundaberg
  #22  Surfers Paradise

  #23  Adelaide
  #24  Cape Tribulation

  #25  Denmark
  #26  Coles Bay

  #27  Kiama
  #28  Southport

  #29  Ulverstone
  #30  Stanley

  #31  Geraldton
  #32  Yackandandah

  #33  Hervey Bay
  #34  Daintree

  #35  Albany
  #36  Parramatta

  #37  Bunbury
  #38  Darwin

  #39  Noosa Heads
  #40  Carrara

  #41  Hamilton Island
  #42  Port Douglas

  #43  Wynyard
  #44  Pokolbin

  #45  Trinity Beach
  #46  Mackay

  #47  Port Arthur
  #48  George Town

  #49  Cairns
  #50  Kalbarri

Popular attractions

  #1 St. Mary's Cathed...

  #2 Great Barrier Reef

  #3 Cooks' Cottage

  #4 Sydney Opera House

  #5 Sydney Harbour Bridge...

  #6 Finger Wharf

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