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Barbados is the easternmost Caribbean island and is just for themselves a few hundred miles east of the island of Saint Vincent. The landscape is relatively flat, but rises to a hilly interior with Mount Hillaby at 336 meters the highest point. Barbados hills are covered in sugar cane plantations, pastures for sheep and distinctive svartmagede forests with tall fig trees that do not see any reason why their rotnettet should remain underground. These landscapes are surrounded by fine sandy beaches which are surrounded by coral reefs almost all of the island around.

In addition to the brown black sheep and about 280 000 inhabitants, Barbados is populated by countless species of birds and the island's animal pride Barbados Green Monkey, or green lemur, with a coat that actually has a greenish tint. The monkeys were brought to the island from West Africa as pets for 300 years ago. They have adapted to the conditions in Barbados and is now in the thousands on the island. Although they look cute, they are greenish monkeys eventually regarded as pests because they eat crops. In the Atlantic around the island live sea turtles that were threatened with extinction, but now in slightly larger numbers for a targeted conservation efforts. It is even possible to take a swim in the large leather and karettskilpaddene, who do not care particularly about their two-legged swimming partners.

In Barbados, tourism has taken over the position as the main source of earlier sugar plantations and romdestillerier, and a holiday in Barbados is high on many passengers' list. Bathing Guests concentrates on the south and west coast beautiful sandy beaches and gentle waves, while surfers are attracted to the fresher sea on the east coast. The center of Barbados' capital Bridgetown memories with its smooth business architecture of a modern metropolis. But step into the side streets, revealing subtle rombarer small wooden houses built as the home of the plantation workers and fine colonial buildings in bright colors separately. Taking a ride on the island in the long alleys between sukkerrørplantasjenes green walls, waiting small, cozy villages with old Anglican rural churches and colorful houses. On the scenic drive, you can add the appropriate way past Harrison's Cave - a must on many trips to Barbados. Popular activities include golf, helicopter tours, scuba diving, swimming with turtles and of course the classic tropical island pursuits like sunbathing, shopping and sipping exotic drinks. The contrast between the British and the Caribbean, one can not help but notice on a trip to Barbados, one can best experience during one of the many cricket matches (who occasionally played on the beach) or under the regular program on Saturday afternoon: horse racing.
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