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The United Arab Emirates is a federal republic in the Middle East. The country consists of seven states called Emirates bordering Oman and Saudi Arabia. The capital is Abu Dhabi, while Dubai is the largest city. The population is very strong growth, from 2.86 million inhabitants in 1999 to 5.07 million in 2009, and the majority are immigrants from India and other Asian countries. Economically, the country's income depends heavily on oil, but trade and financial markets are also important sources of income. The first 150 years, until 1971, the country went under the name Treaty Coast. The United States has airbase Al Dhafra Air Base in the country.

In the mile-long rolling dunes are the smooth surface only rarely broken by traces of camels and Bedouins on their way to market in a oaseby. Coastal towers skyscrapers and luxury hotels in fanciful shapes up and reflected in the clear waters of the Arabian Gulf. The United Arab Emirates has a few successfully managed to combine traditional Bedouin lifestyle with western consumer and metropolitan culture. Instead of a glaring cultural collision can meet in life forms influenced by conservative Islam with Western liberalism in unified harmony.

Most of the seven emirates covered by a barren desert where only animals with two fatty humps can thrive. Farthest north is the up to 200 feet tall dunes gave way to mountains, which sometimes proves that Emirates nature also knows green colors. The small mountainous region still can not prevent climate remains extremely hot and dry. In the summer months is 40 degrees unusual: they extend from May to October. Not surprisingly, camels and goats some of the only animals that can live under these harsh conditions, although there are also stone goats and leopards in the area.

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