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Province of Buenos Aires is the largest and most populous province of Argentina. It takes its name from the city of Buenos Aires, which used to be the provincial capital until it was federalized in 1880. The current capital of the province is the city of La Plata, which was founded in 1882.

It borders to the northeast of Entre Ríos, Santa Fe in the north-west Córdoba, La Pampa in the west, and the Rio Negro to the south and west, and the city of Buenos Aires and Uruguay to the northeast is just across the Rio de la Plata in the northeast near the Atlantic. The province is part of the Pampas geographic region.

The province has 39% of Argentina's population. Nearly 10 million people live in the Greater Buenos Aires metropolitan area of Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

The capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, is an autonomous region north of the province. It is thus not part of the Provincia de Buenos Aires.

Most tourists, mostly from Buenos Aires, visit the Atlantic coast. There are many cities and towns along the coast starting around 250 kilometers from Buenos Aires by Samborombon Bay. Among them is the largest and most important Mar del Plata, followed by La Costa, Pinamar, Villa Gesell, Miramar and Necochea. The main summer-related event is the National Sea Festival held annually in the city of Mar del Plata. The city's central Casino and Grand Hotel Provincial is among the nation's largest.

Other destinations include the Ventana Sierras, Tandil, Tigre, the Paraná Delta, Isla Martín García, the Chascomús and Gómez lagoons, and La Plata.

Agritourism in plantations have become increasingly popular for foreigners to visit the province in recent years. The province's wine region, centered around Médanos also been prominent for visitors touring Argentina Wine Route.
Popular Destinations

  #1  Buenos Aires
  #2  Mar del Plata

Popular attractions

  #1 Pirámide de Mayo

  #2 Floralis Genérica

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