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Buenos Aires named after the patron saint of seafarers, Santa María del Buen Aire, officially called Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires is the capital and the commercial and industrial center in Argentina.

Portenos, as Buenos Aires residents call themselves, are primarily concerned with three things that constantly overlap, manners, culture and psychology. More people go to psychotherapy in Buenos Aires than in Manhattan. Mind Mysteries are also explored in tango tones of loneliness, jealousy and homesick, they are grown in the melancholy dramas in the many theaters and cinemas, and they are studied in the countless bookstores, where the scrolls are read and traded until late at night .

It is also cinematic tracks to follow in Buenos Aires. Certainly, of course, the story of Evita - or Eva Perón is buried Perón.Eva the immensely beautiful Recoleta cemetery. Evitas mortal remains are in a crypt of black marble with a single rose surrounded by Recoletas dominant white marble.

Totally different hot and hectic go there when football archrivals CA Boca Juniors and CA River Plate meet at La Bombonera stadium in La Boca quarter. An Argentine soccer game with over 57 000 spectators do not ask for it, and certainly not at a stadium known for a frenzied and riveting acoustics.

On Avenida Pedro de Mendoza is an exciting theater Teatro de La Ribera, the Caminito pedestrian can experience dramatic tango, and you should not miss an evening at one of La Isla many Italian restaurants. There are more fashion-conscious women and men in Buenos Aires than in most other large cities.

Argentina is known for its steaks, and the best steaks are included here in Buenos Aires.

The promenade along the Río de la Plata is a favorite breathing hole for thousands of portenos. On clear days you can see here all the way to the coast of Uruguay. Buenos Aires (Spanish for "good air") is unfortunately not always boasts of clean air, and promenade are usually quickly followed by red wine, a good book and tango in a barrio of San Telmo many cafes.
Popular attractions

  #1 Pirámide de Mayo

  #2 Floralis Genérica

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