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Nairobi is the capital of Kenya, located in the southern part of the central highlands, ca. 1800 meters above sea level. Since the average air temperature drops by about 0.7 degrees for every hundred feet one rises, the climate in Nairobi comfortably warm, yet the city is located just south of the equator. From June to August temperatures of about 16 degrees, in February and March the temperature of about 19 degrees. The nights can be chilly.

The Kenyan capital and the urban jungle now home to almost three million inhabitants and is characterized by a lively atmosphere. Through the half-open windows of the converted cabs sounds Suzzana Owiyo affectionate afropop. The driver drum on the wheel and smiling with his big white teeth, while Nairobi's skyscrapers, second- hand clothes shops, temporary byhandlere and watchmakers passes.

The city has grown at a tremendous pace, and not many historical buildings. The surroundings of Nairobi 's something for themselves. A few hours drive north of town travel the rugged peaks of Africa's second highest mountain, the 5,199 meter high volcano Mount Kenya, like a mighty ruin.

The name Nairobi comes from the Maasai "cold water ". In the late 1800s it consisted only of a few swamps down in a lowering. The first European there was Sergeant Ellis from " The Royal ENGINE " in the UK. In May 1896, he had built a trading of caravans , who walked between the coast and inland.
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