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Mombasa is a major port city in Kenya and the country's second largest city, it is located just south of the equator. The old city is located on an island separated from the mainland by two rivers, Tudor Creek and Kilindini Harbour. It is connected to the mainland in the north by the Nyali Bridge, to the south of Likoni Ferry and to the west by Makup Causeway, alongside which runs the Kenya Uganda Railway. The port serves both Kenya and countries of the interior, linking them to the sea. The city's airport is Moi International Airport located in the northwest of the mainland suburb Chaani .

The city is an important commercial center. Here is the coffee trade, food and tourism plays an important role. The old town is on an island. Mombasa is East Africa 's main port. It also has an international airport. The city's population is mostly Swahili speaking of Miji Kenda - people, but over the centuries it has been a significant influx of Arabs and Indians. Recent immigrants have come from the Kenyan hinterland.

Mombasa has a tropical climate. The amount of rainfall depends essentially on season. Most precipitation gets one in the months of April and May, while in January to February the rainfall is minimal.

Mombasa is an important cultural hub in Kenya and East Africa. Mombasa 's top South Asia, Zanzibar and Nairobi. Mombasa's major shipping and maritime industry provides a diverse mosaic of cultures. Music is an important feature in Mombasa culture. Taarab music, which originates from Zanzibar, has a prominent local presence.

The majority of Mombasa 's population is Muslim .
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