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California is America's most populous state by far the third largest of the capital Sacramento. Along the coast there is a variety of paralle mountain ranges interrupted midway of San Francisco Bay. Apart from this bay is smooth coastlines and mountains fall steeply down to the shore almost everywhere. Few places are a coastal plain with particular width. In the coastal mountains, the large Californian valley, a plain fulfilled by alluvial deposits. It runs San Joaquin rivers from the south and Sacramento from the north and empties into San Francisco Bay.

To the east rises the high Sierra Nevada mountain range up, with peaks up to 3-4000 feet. Here is mt. Witney is the USA's highest point at 4418 meters. One can also find natural park Yosemite and the far north are America's only active volcano Lassen Peak.

East of the Sierra Nevada is the high, dry and desert plateaus, in the south the great Mojave Dessert. Moreover, one also finds Death Valley, located 84 meters below sea level.

California has steadily and warm climate, annual precipitation up to 2000 mm in the north, decreasing towards the southeast to almost no rainfall. Where is the pure desert conditions and very hot, the record is in Death Valley to 56.7 º C in the shade. Coast in the south has a Mediterranean climate with rainy winter. The mountains get the most rainfall, over 2,000 meters, it comes as snow.

California's coast was discovered by Spaniard Cabrillo in 1542. California was declared to be a part of the United States in 1846. First, in 1850 the California member of the Union as the 31st State. During the civil war ended California to northern states.

California is divided into 58 counties (counties). The counties are ansvalige for local services and policing within their borders if they are incorporated into a city, and local courts. The first counties were created in 1850. Then, a total of 18 counties created. Nine counties were created later that year.
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